Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Behold the Tiny Bezel from Hell

Whew. I would have had better luck at the gaming tables of Foxwoods than I had today at the soldering station, but no matter. It felt so good when I stopped.

This is the tiniest bezel I've tried so far, and it didn't come out too badly...after the third try. This exercise did serve to allow me to test something I've been curious about, which is the durability of the etching after numerous run-ins with a hot torch and some wicked pickle. The backplate here is brass, and it seems to have held up well, so now I won't be afraid to push my luck on second and third tries if soldering problems present themselves again, which could happen at any time. Either the soldering gods are with you on a given day, or they are not, but sometimes, if you are otherwise out of work and either patient or stubborn like I am, they come around eventually.
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